Employee Return to Work Checklist: 
Covering the Basics for Leave Managers and HR Teams 

Cover of AbsenceSoft's Return to Work Checklist

With more employees requesting and going on leave, having a streamlined and supportive leave process is critical for a great employee experience. One part of the leave process that is often overlooked, but is critically important, is how employees return to work after a leave of absence. There are many benefits to improving your return-to-work program, including:  

  • Improved employee experience, satisfaction, and retention
  • Ensuring compliance with laws and regulations 
  • Saving on recruitment costs  
  • Avoiding complaints and lawsuits 
Improving your return-to-work program can take time and effort, but once the process is in place, your organization will see benefits right away. Our in-house compliance experts have created a free, step-by-step Employee Return to Work Checklist to help you start improving your program today. 

Download the Checklist