Best Practices for Modern FMLA Management

A Guide to Improving Your HR Processes with Technology

Whitepaper: Best Practices for Modern FMLA Management

At AbsenceSoft, we’ve helped over 200 customers streamline and optimize their leave management processes. To share what we’ve learned over the years, we collected our best practices for managing FMLA into an informative free guide for HR professionals. From the initial request all the way to the employee’s return to work, we show you step-by-step how to save time, avoid pitfalls, and improve compliance.

Download our guide to learn how to leverage technology to improve your entire FMLA process, including:

  • Calculating Eligibility and Entitlements
  • Sending the Initial Packet
  • Reviewing the Medical Certification
  • Approving or Denying Leave
  • Case Management
  • Managing Intermittent Leave
  • Supporting the Return to Work

Download the Guide