HR Guide to Higher Education Leave and Accommodations Management

Cover of AbsenceSoft's HR Guide to Higher Education Leave and Accommodations Management

A Look at Current Challenges and How to Modernize for Success 

With the rise of online learning, colleges and universities are employing more remote staff. Instead of leave teams being able to manage leave laws for just one state, it has quickly become 20 or more for many institutions. There has also been a sharp increase in both leave and accommodations requests over the past few years, with mental health as a major driving factor.   

Across the higher education landscape, HR teams are working harder than ever to keep up with the growing demands of their leave and accommodations programs. 

In this guide, we review the current state of leave and accommodations management in higher education. We also look at new ways to meet these challenges by modernizing your leave and accommodations program with the right strategies, processes, and technology.  

Download this guide to learn about:

  • Remote work, mental health, and other leave and accommodations trends 
  • HR challenges specific to higher education institutions 
  • Tips for modernizing leave and accommodations programs with technology 

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