How to Keep Your Leave Program Compliant in a Remote-First Workplace

Tuesday, April 23, 2024 | 9:15AM PST/12:15PM EST

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Today’s workforces are more distributed than ever before. In fact, our 2024 Leave of Absence and Accommodations Forecast Survey found that 60% of HR leaders were struggling with challenges related to remote and hybrid workforces. When you combine an increasingly distributed employee base with a dynamic, complex state leave law landscape, HR teams are finding themselves overwhelmed. They are also facing with a growing number of employee leave requests. The same survey found that 62% reported an increase in leave requests over the past year, and of those respondents, 76% saw leave requests rise 21% or more.

With leave requests increasing, and workers living in multiple states, it’s easier than ever to unintentionally make mistakes when calculating leave eligibility. These errors can lead to improperly denied leave, inaccurate pay, and other compliance issues. It just takes one mishandled leave case to become a complaint, audit, and or even a costly lawsuit.

In this webinar, AbsenceSoft’s in-house leave experts will look at the unique challenges remote-first organizations face when it comes to leave management. Then, they will share ways to quickly and accurately determine eligibility and entitlements in each state. Our experts will also discuss how automation and technology can simplify compliance and caseload management for large employers.

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