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ADA and PWFA: How to Stay Compliant

ADA and PWFA: How to Stay Compliant

Workplace accommodations requests are on the rise. In our most recent employee accommodations survey, we uncovered numerous compliance risks for HR that could easily turn into costly lawsuits. In this webinar, AbsenceSoft’s VP of Leave Compliance Ashlee Brennan and Senior Solutions Consultant Kat Bruce, will review our survey findings and share best practices to make sure your program is compliant with the latest laws and regulations.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • A look at current employee experiences with workplace accommodations
  • Ways your HR team and managers could unintentionally cause a lawsuit
  • Best practices to keep your accommodations program equitable and compliant
  • The benefits of recruiting and retaining an inclusive workforce

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Ashlee Brennan

Ashlee Brennan LinkedIn

VP, Product Compliance


Katherine Bruce

Katherine Bruce  LinkedIn

Senior Solutions Consultant