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HR Leader Masterclass: Building an In-House Leave Program

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Insourcing your leave program no longer means wrangling spreadsheets, sticky notes, calendar reminders, and endless emails. With automation and centralized case management, you can build a modern in-house leave program that delivers a personalized, supportive employee experience while driving new levels of efficiency and compliance. In this webinar, our leave management experts will walk you through every step of creating a robust, efficient in-house leave program — and setting it up for ongoing success.

You’ll leave this session knowing:

  • Ways to organize your team
  • Metrics and measurements for team performance and satisfaction
  • How to build new processes for leave requests
  • Getting your data and HR tech stack ready for technology
  • Tips for spreading the word about a new leave program

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Seth Turner  LinkedIn

Chief Strategy Officer


Jennifer Limon  LinkedIn

VP, Industry Solutions