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How to Run a Successful Employee Accommodations Program

How to Run a Successful Accommodations Program

The ADA is notoriously vague, making it challenging for HR to know what’s required.  With new laws like the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act in effect, accommodations requests are expected to grow rapidly in the coming years.  

During this webinar, Ashlee Brennan and Annette Gomes, the Senior Manager, ADA & LOA Administration, Human Resources at The Venetian Las Vegas, will walk you through current best practices for creating and managing a supportive, inclusive and compliant employee accommodation program.  

Get excited to learn about:

  • Current of employer requirements under the ADA and PWFA

  • Best practices at every stage of the accommodations process
  • The benefits of recruiting and retaining an inclusive workforce
  • Ensuring your program is equitable and compliant

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